Simplify Heavy Civil, Bridge &
Structural Steel Erection Projects

Whether it's a new structural steel erection project or replacing a bridge, dam, coastal bulkhead or railroad bridge in your town, MAS Building & Bridge has the technical know-how, equipment and manpower to see the job through to completion safely and within budget.

We're licensed to work on big and small projects throughout New England and are happy to share examples of the Structural Steel and Bridge and Marine / Dam projects that we've worked on. So feel free to explore and let us know if you'd like to discuss your next project.

MAS is a AISC Certified Erector

MAS is building a strong case to be the best Steel Erector in the Northeast through preparation, manpower & communication.

When Heavy Civil projects become complex undertakings, MAS is able to overcome challenges and deliver results for clients.

Dam & Marine construction projects with MAS combine a dedicated staff, attention to quality, safety, and environmental sensitivity.


MAS has worked on a variety of heavy construction projects across the Northeast. Feel free to review Project Photos from our jobs and reach out if you'd like to know more about what we do.

Our success in heavy / civil construction
is built on 3 key factors...

Construction Planning is key at MAS Building and Bridge

1. Construction Planning

Is it possible to over plan? We don't think so. Our job is to tackle all the details upfront and ensure that your project runs smoothly.

If unforeseen challenges do arise during the process, our high level of planning allows us to adapt quickly to these changes, minimizing any overages in cost or time.

The safety of our employees is the number 1 priority at MAS

2. Construction Safety

Employees are the lifeblood of our company and keeping them safe is our #1 priority. We take pride in our progressive Safety Program and conduct daily safety meetings to ensure safe practices when working on the construction sites.

For added protection of the Employees, MAS observes safety guidelines that are even more stringent than industry standards.

Our team of building veterans understand project management

3. Project Management

Our management team is comprised of building veterans who have worked on some of the largest construction projects in the country.

We've seen it all and use this experience to keep projects moving forward through effective resource management and scheduling.

Build a career at MAS with a strong team to support you...