Do you want to build a professional portfolio?

Are you a student that wants to build their professional portfolio, learn how the construction industry operates, and be part of building cool projects across New England? MAS Building and Bridge can provide you with a rewarding experience as an intern that will help you achieve your goals. During an internship at MAS, you become an integral part of the project team and work closely with the best in the business - Project Managers, Project Engineers, Foremen, Site Superintendents, Estimators, Project and Office Administration Professionals. You will learn our systems, put your mark on structures that will exist for years to come, and set yourself apart from your student peers by having a foot in the door of a professional organization prior to graduation. Check out this awesome opportunity and set yourself up for success in the future!

We provide flexible scheduling through all seasons and are open to applicants wanting to learn about any of our functions.

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