Why You Want To Choose a Career at MAS Building & Bridge

When looking for a career, you want to feel part of something special. You want to be proud of your work, the company you work for, and the people you work with. MAS Building & Bridge is a company in Massachusetts that instills these feelings in its employees.

Working at MAS Building & Bridge is not just a construction job; it's a career. The reason is simple: we invest in our employees' growth and offer a progressive work environment that encourages them to develop in their careers and contributes to their professional and personal life goals. Here are some reasons you'll want to work with us at MAS Building & Bridge.

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Safety First: Our Comprehensive Safety Program

We know the construction site can be dangerous and want to keep you safe. That's why we observe safety guidelines that are even more strict than industry standards. Our comprehensive Safety Program ensures that you go home to your family every day without any incidents. Your safety is our top priority.

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Meticulous Construction Planning

Planning is key to successful construction projects. We believe that over-planning is necessary. Our meticulous construction planning is central to the success of our projects, ensuring that they run smoothly and minimizing unwelcome overages in cost or time. Even when the unexpected arises, our advanced planning and fast adaptation allow us to reduce overages.

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Exceptional Construction Projects

MAS Building & Bridge's projects set the standard in the industry. We take every opportunity to progress in all stages of our work, from planning, designing, building, and fitting. We know that construction projects people depend on are monumental work, and we take great pride in every project we build. You'll feel proud to work for a company that delivers exceptional construction projects that improve people's lives.

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Opportunities for Growth

We understand that our employees are the key to delivering exceptional construction projects. That's why we promote a work environment that empowers our employees to grow and develop. We provide resources, support, and opportunities for learning new skills and advancements that benefit the company and the industry. We want to see you succeed and grow in your career.

Our various job openings cater to different skill and experience levels, including entry-level to construction management careers. They range from project management to engineering and office management to financial reporting. We seek contractors with specialties that include carpentry, ironworking, and construction equipment operation and are committed to hiring the best talent for each role, usually favoring employees who have a passion for construction, technical skills, and a willingness to learn and grow within the company.

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Teamwork: The Foundation of Our Success

Great companies are built with great teams. Here at MAS Building & Bridge, we ensure that our teams are among the best in the industry, with collaboration between different trades. Our teamwork is critical to the success of our projects, and we encourage open communication between workers and departments. This leads to higher employee engagement, job satisfaction, and camaraderie among our teams.

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We recognize that construction can often seem rigid, task-focused, and repetitive. At MAS Building & Bridge, we believe that creativity is essential to our projects' success. Our employees contribute to finding innovative solutions to problems. We encourage all our employees to bring their ideas to the table and use their creativity to make our projects even more exceptional.

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Built to Last

One of the most significant factors contributing to MAS Building & Bridge's long-term success is our company's commitment to investing in its employees. We offer apprenticeship programs and opportunities for advancement. Employees are encouraged to learn new skills, receive ongoing education, and acquire skills training. This commitment to our employees helps ensure they have the knowledge and capabilities required to keep up with changes and advancements in the industry.

If you're ready to start a new, exciting career in construction and live near Norfolk, MA, contact us today or check out our job openings! Be part of something special with MAS Building & Bridge!

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