Bridge Rehabilitation - Lawrence Street over Concord River

5 - Substructure Repairs.jpeg
6 - Completion of Deck Grooving.jpeg
2 - Removal of Existing Deck Slab.jpeg
3 - Phase 1 Soffit Formwork.jpeg
4 - Phase 2 Deck Placement.jpeg


The primary scope of this Contract was to remove and replace the heavily deteriorated bridge deck while also completing repairs to portions of the substructure concrete. The Project consisted of a 2-phase alternating traffic pattern to allow for full traffic and pedestrian access at all times. Each phase required removal of the existing concrete deck, formwork, rebar, and placement of the new deck slab. After the new deck slab was cured, vaulted sidewalks were added with crash rated BR-2 and pedestrian rail.

Substructure work to the existing granite piers and abutments consisted of cast in place repairs to minimize further deterioration of each structure. Grout bags were also placed along the foundation of selective piers and abutments to fill voids created by river scour.

OWNER: City of Lowell

VALUE: $2,739,546



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