Bridge Replacement - Muddy Creek Restoration

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The purpose of this investment for the Towns of Chatham and Harwich was to restore flow to a portion of marsh/wetland in serious decline. The chosen method was to remove the existing culverts under Route 28 at Muddy Creek and replace the opening by constructing a 94 foot clear span, steel girder and composite concrete deck bridge. The deck was provided in the form of prefabricated bridge units (PBU) and set on integral concrete abutment supported by H-piles. Excavation of approximately 5,000 CY of material to construct a new 22-foot-wide by 200-foot-long riprap lined channel for Muddy Creek. All work was completed within a 16 week closure of Route 28 between January to May 2016.

OWNER: Town of Harwich


LOCATION: Chatham/Harwich, MA


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