Edgewater Drive Seawall Repairs

11 - New Armor Stone.jpeg
12 - Final Landscaping 1.jpg
1 - Existing 11.jpg
2 - Existing 21.jpeg
3 - Existing 3.jpg
4 - Slab Construction.jpeg
5 - Resetting Precast.jpeg
6 - Repointed Joints.jpeg
7 - DIP Install.jpg
8 - Precast installation.jpeg
9 - Precast & Timber Stair Final.jpg
10 - Precast complete 2.jpeg


This project consisted of the restoration of 2,350 feet of seawall and revetment along Edgewater Drive in Quincy, MA. The scope of work included replacement of 450 feet of precast seawall units, stabilization of approximately 500 feet of existing precast units with a new concrete foundation, void grouting and repointing repairs along the existing granite walls, placement of new armor stone, concrete stair repairs and new timber stair construction, and replacement of a 48" diameter outfall pipe supported by helical anchors. Ancillary work included new sidewalks, benches, bike racks, and landscaping.

OWNER: City of Quincy

VALUE: $2,407,000


ENGINEER: Tighe & Bond

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