Bridge Replacement - Brook Street over the Segreganset River

VALUE:  $1,118,000.00
LOCATION:  Dighton, MA


This project included the replacement of an existing corrugated pipe culvert with a box beam bridge supported on GRS/IBS foundations. This type of bridge abutment, consisting of stacked CMU blocks interlocked with geotextile and crushed stone backfill, was a Federal design that had only been used several times in the state of Massachusetts.  Installation of this type of system needed to be “in the dry”, which required a combination of steel sheetpile and sandbag water control in the tidally influenced Segreganset River. 


In addition to the CMU foundations, the project included cast-in-place and precast wingwalls to support the roadway.  The new bridge superstructure consisted of butted precast box beams with a cast-in-place concrete overlay, thrie beam bridge rail with handrail, and utility hangers to support gas and water lines along the outside of the bridge.  Off-bridge improvements included new drainage, curb, guardrail, and pavement.