Dam and Marine Construction Applications are a perfect fit for the know-how MAS can provide! MAS has the requisite knowledge, experience and creativity to successfully complete complex dam or coastal marine construction and rehabilitation projects. We have a dedicated staff that is capable of working effectively with attention to quality, safety, and environmental sensitivity required for such projects.

Bridge construction at Barney Pond in Lincoln, RI

Safety is Our Very First Priority at MAS

As with all our work, Dam and Coastal Marine construction is challenging and potentially dangerous. MAS takes a hands-on approach to safety and risk management, with a strong focus on addressing potential safety hazards during the planning phase of each operation. Work plans are developed to provide step by step procedures, safe access for manpower and equipment, tools and material lists, and hazard analysis summaries for all operations.

Construction repair work around Horseshoe Falls in Shannock Charlestown RI

Marine Fundamentals Gained Through Lateral Experience

With its multiple divisions, MAS is able to apply a wide range of knowledge to help contribute to its Dam and Marine operations. The wealth of experience in water control, river diversion, and subsurface repairs on bridge projects enables MAS to take on a wide range of Dam and Marine projects. It's no wonder that we've become New England's Dam & Coastal Marine construction company for federal, state, municipal and private projects!


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