Structural Rehabilitation of Commonwealth, Fish, and Hoosac Piers

4 - Hoosac - Partially Completed Cap.jpeg
5 - Hoosac Pier Pile Jackets & Cap - Complete.jpg
9 - Fish Pier - Concrete Placement.jpeg
1 - Hoosac Piles - Pre-Construction.jpg
2 - Hoosac Piles - In Progress.jpeg
3 - Hoosac - Pile Cap Construction.jpeg


The scope of work included structural repairs to two piers in South Boston (Fish & Commonwealth Piers) and one pier in Charlestown (Hoosac Pier). The improvements at Fish Pier included the demolition and replacement of various sections of concrete slab, placement of geotextile fabric and gravel to fill voided subsurface areas, installation of two new seaside ladder assemblies, and various crack and spall repairs around the pier. The second phase of this project took place at Hoosac Pier in Charlestown, and consisted of full replacement of 246 LF of concrete cap along the sheetpile bulkhead (including 32 LF of partial replacement areas), partial demolition and installation of 18 new pile jackets, and the addition of a reinforced concrete cap beam to lock in the battered piles. The final phase of this project took place on Commonwealth Pier in South Boston. Pier improvements consisted of full-depth replacement of the concrete apron suspended over steel I-beams, partial depth concrete apron replacement, and the demolition and replacement of five steel expansion joints.

OWNER: Massachusetts Port Authority

VALUE: $2,269,000.00


ENGINEER: Bourne Consulting Engineering

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